She never met her birth parents and doesn't wish to. Recently, a portrait artist who studied identifying genetic history told Visser that she has the facial structure of a "coloured" (in South Africa, "coloured" is the commonly used term for mixed race). At first, she was confused but now she is thinking that there is a possibility. She was born during apartheid, and she believes that her white mother's parents may have forced her to give her baby up for adoption after becoming pregnant by a black man. However, that is just a theory.
Visser is now in the band Die Antwoord and has two children. Daughter, 16 Jones, and adopted son Tokkie. 16 Jones is also in a band and unlike her parents, she can't stand foul language. Tokkie was a street kid who was adopted at age 9. She has a strong connection with street kids and people who are misfits.

Visser is often known for her fierce, cyber-punky bleached mullet. Before this drastic change, people would joke and call her Britney and Lady Gaga. By shaving her hair, she was making it known that she is a proud outsider. She only lets one person cut her hair: her bandmate Ninja.
Although Ninja is the father of her daughter 16, they are not in a relationship. Visser felt that that would get in the way of Die Antwoord and would get too messy. They are not known to be any romantic relationship right now. Ninja and Visser are focused on their careers and are reaching the top.

Yo-Landi Visser, real name Anri du Toit, was born on March 3, 1984 in Port Alred, a small town on South Africa's east coast. Visser was adopted by a priest and his wife but never felt like she belonged anywhere. Growing up, she was always getting into fistfights and she would call herself "a little punk," however, she was actually soft and caring. She obsessed over Nirvana, PJ Harvey, Nine Inch Nails, Eminem and Aphex Twin and was into all of the dark things.
At the age of 16, Visser was sent off nine hours away from her family home to a boarding school. There she was surrounded by other creative kids and she finally flourished. At that point, she was finally happy and for the first time in her life, she connected with people who were artistic.

After her musical career started to blow up on YouTube, Hollywood came knocking at her door. In 2010, Visser was reached out to be the lead in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. She turned down the role in order to focus on her calling: Music. Although her focus is on Music, she has still been involved in several films.

2017: Tommy Can't Sleep (rat girl, director, and editor)
2015: Chappie (Yo-Landi)
2013: AKA:The Lives of Waddy Tudor Jones (herself)
2011: Bring Me My Machine Gun (herself)
2010: Tokoloshe (herself)
2004: Picnic (director)

When Yo-Landi was younger she liked music but never saw it as a career. She did not understand rap at all until she met Ninja, Watkin Tudor Jones. When she was sent to boarding school she met a musician boyfriend called Markus. He would record her voice and mix it into his electronic tracks. After schooling, she moved to Cape Town, where she then met Ninja. Yo-Landi shared the songs she and Markus wrote and Ninja became intrigued by the sound of her voice. They formed the group Die Antwoord. Die Antwoord is a Zef rap-rave group, an Afrikaans style of hip-hop.

Die Antwoord first blew up on YouTube, but since then have become quite popular. Die Antwoord's 5 most popular songs are "Ugly Boy," "Banana Brain," "I Fink U Freeky," "Baby's on Fire," and "Cookie Thumper." They currently have 8 albums out, all of which are available on Spotify. They just finished up the "Love Drug" tour and are working on more exciting projects.

Yo-Landi's love for rats definitely does not go unnoticed. It is unknown how many she actually owns, but it is rumored that she cares for 20 to 30 rats. Rats make appearances just about everywhere Yo-Landi is: movies, short films, interviews and even her music. Die Antwoord has a song called "Rats Rule." People may ask, "Why pests like rats?" Rats are often seen as outsiders, and they are smarter than people. After all, people can't seem to get rid of them.

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